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  • Where Should I Park?
    Parking is available on the street, across the street (the diagonal parking spots), and on the adjacent streets of California and Washtenaw. Parking in front of the Superior Street building is available all day Saturday and Sunday as well as, Monday through Friday after 5pm. Please observe posted tow notices for driveways and truck access. Do not park in the lot directly West of the main Superior Street building or in front of any Superior Street driveways or garage doors—you will be towed.
  • How Do I Reserve the Elevator?
    Monthly clients whose rooms are on the second and third floor of the main building are encouraged to reserve the elevator when they load in or out. To reserve your elevator, please call the office at 773-227-5550. When you are ready to load in/out, pop into the office or call to let us know. We ask that you give us 24 hours advance notice of your load in/out, that way we can ensure we have the staff available to run the elevator and that you have use of the elevator when you need it. What to do if you need to load back in off hours? See the FAQ on "Storage Keys".
  • Are The Rooms At Superior Street Soundproof?
    The Superior Street monthly rooms have been treated to be as sound resistant as possible. Four layers of drywall, spun steel slag insulation, HVAC pipes running between as few rooms as possible, sand in the floors; It all goes a long way toward cancelling noise between neighbors. Our hourly rooms are almost sound proof, built like recording studios with floated walls, rubber underlayment, fully caulked openings, and separate HVAC systems for each room. These treatments minimize any potential sound bleed and bands cannot hear each other from room to room.
  • What Is Your Payment Policy for Hourly Rentals?
    Space rental is due prior to the rehearsal. You will be given an invoice upon arrival, that's when payment is due. Payment is accepted in cash or check. PayPal can be used for payment, but arrangements will need to be made at least by the day before your rehearsal.
  • Storage Keys and Short Term Storage
    Oftentimes it's impossible to schedule your load in/out during our available office hours, when this happens you'll need to request short term (72 hours) storage. Here's how it works: Upon request we issue you a key to a storage room with an extra secure padlock. You can then access your gear off hours, at your convenience for either a load in or a load out. You may only have this room for 72 hours MAX, so plan ahead, reserve your elevator time to load your gear back up at the time you check your keys back in. Fail to vacate within 72 hours? You will be charged $25 per additional 24 hours. Losing the keys will result in a charge of $100. There is only one key in existence for each lock, and losing it means ordering another specialized lock and key. We offer these storage rooms to help facilitate ease and flexibility for loading in and out- abusing the 72 hour policy hurts everyone —other rooms need those lockers too!
  • Visitor Policy
    Superior Street is not open to the public. Tenants and hourly room renters are welcome to have guests, but they must be met and let in at the door. This policy is for the safety of the building.
  • Smoking Policy
    Per the City of Chicago's Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, Superior Street is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is allowed 15 feet away outside from any of Superior Street's entrances.
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