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Different Shapes and Sizes to Meet Your HOURLY Needs.



A Room
B Room

The best hourly room available (anywhere)  -

Full gear & PA featuring side fills, guitar & bass amps, drums, and monitor system - our pro engineering staff will get you set up. Simply load in your instruments and the back-up singers.

(this is a very nice room - excellent for orchestras and larger bands)


Our most popular room -

3 mics and monitors, Marshall and Ampeg guitar and bass rig, drums.

This is the perfect room for almost every rehearsal or audition.


(hint: call ahead as this room is usually booked in advance!)

C Room
D Room

This is another great room- slightly smaller than "B" - 



(But still big enough to accomodate a three or four piece ensemble with mics, monitors, and a kit.)

"The Bargain" -

On a budget? Look no further, you've found a home. Bring your own gear, rent some things from us, or use this room acoustically - its your call - and its your money - starting at $20 per hour!

(no kidding)

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