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COVID-19 Statement

Superior Street has, and always will be, a community. The Covid -19 Pandemic has posed unique challenges to this community. Challenges that we are meeting head on. 

Currently The Superior Street Center for the Arts remains open and in business. Cleaning and sanitizing protocols are in place throughout the facility. Social distancing reminders have been established in high traffic areas, and our vendors and visitors are asked to wear masks on premises. 

That being said, we largely leave masking and distancing up to our individual clients when using their rented spaces. From time to time we've issued mask mandates for common areas and will continue to do so based on the best available direction regarding disease mitigation. 

Here are a couple of important things about Superior Street that influence the decision to require/ not require masks:

  • We are NOT open to the public             

  • Our tenants spend the majority of their time on the premises in their spaces and not in the common areas  

  • Superior Street  is over 85K square feet across 2 buildings and has multiple entrances, circuitous hallways, multiple bathrooms, and stairwells - tenants are able to limit contact with other tenants                                                  

Our priority is the safety and health of our  clients, our staff, and our guests. If you have questions about current guidelines feel free to contact us via the contact form below or give us a call!​

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